EUR, Pro, also stuck on calibrating. What did suppot do for you?

I was wondering, how did support workout your problem? I have already opened up a ticket through mail, but I was wondering how others in the EU were treated by support? I mean the time difference is one thing, but what if the machine is broken?

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Last night (10 pm) I got an email from support back to reset modem, routers and other machines and to download the glowforge log. I checked the logs myself and I noticed two errors, one coolant flow error. (But this was a fluke I think as it never reappeared again) and a lid camera error. Not receiving any image. I decided to pry open the ribbon cable connector on both sides and clean them. After reinstalling the ribbon cable and turning the machine back on I had my dr Frankenstein moment. The head started moving and is now happy burning woods again.

Still no word from support after last night. I would like to see what they recommend doing.


Haha! That’s funny! We all know that feeling. Good job.:+1:

No word from support since the first reply and the machine stopped working again. The gantry moved after a few attempts but the head did nothing. I cleaned the ribbon contacts again to see if I could get it back to do something again. It’s frustrating. The machine connects to the laptop as it registers lid open/ lid closed-calibrating.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.