European material supplyers


Hi everyones,

As more and more europeans glowforge are arriving to their home, finding materials to cut locally can be an issue. There are many supplyers in the US (including great Proofgrade or Inventables) but many of them don’t ship to Europe or with shipping/taxing cost which make those products unrelevant for our use. If in some times, There will be a proofgrade supplyer in EU, it will be great but for now, how to do?

For example, for me, I have no idea where to find acrylic sheets from a european shop?

So A little thread to share some european supplyers for lasercut materials can be useful for many of us.

I just received my glowforge and for now I don’t have already try many supplyers. I have bought some plywood from major DIY-shops like Leroy Merlin but it seems to be very variable in quality (holes in it, warped). I also try the shop AUPROTEC from Germany in Amazon (I don’t have test it for now) but it looks better.

Some links for laser products I don’t have ordered yet:

I just started my searches. Feel free to share your adresses in your countries or online with the other. I f find some other interessant possibilities, I will add it here.


Certainly in Germany you are going to find enough suppliers of materials!

Here are some Dutch shops I like to use:

Arnhemse Fijnhouthandel ( for aircraft grade plywood from 0.4mm and up. Also lot’s of exotic woods and veneers.

Signseen ( for engrave acrylic (two tone) or and for acrylic sheets.

Good luck!


Thanks for this info! I have received my GF in A’dam and am in the process of setting up. These links will be handy!


In the UK, I tend to use for acrylic and laserable wood. I’ve ordered some veg tanned leather off ebay. I’ll let you know how it turns out.