Evapolar and Glowforge?

Would it be a good idea to use one of these personal Swamp Coolers to cool down my Glowforge? Or do you think the humidity coming from this would damage the Glowforge? Either way, my room just runs too dang hot for my machine, causing it to cool down for over an hour at a time, well past 10pm quiet hours.


Where are you located / or more specifically, what are your typical in-room air characteristics (humidity)?

Swamp coolers (as I’m sure you know) basically take warm, dry air and turn it into cool(er), humid air. If your humidity levels are very high, they just aren’t very effective.

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I am in northern california. I think it is average humidity. I worry that a humidifier would cause the Glowforge to rust or electronics to fail or something.

Would be more worried about the effect on your Proofgrade materials. Lots of potential for warping.


Where in NorCal… I don’t think of it as humid here, as compared to where I lived in North Carolina… but there is a fair amount of moisture in the air if you are at all coastal here.
Avg. | City | Morning| Afternoon
61 Fresno 75 40
67 Sacramento 80 46
74 San Francisco 82 61
63 Stockton 77 45


Rohnert Park, ca

So, according to this chart, thats a solid maybe. :confused:

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It would probably make things cooler. I just worry it would make everything too wet