Evaporative cooler

I live in a low humidity zone and plan on placing my glowforge in an office that faces South. The temperature in the office is usually a couple degrees higher than the rest of the house, somewhere between 75 - 80. I was going to get an evaporative cooler for the office before I purchased a glowforge, but now I am wondering if that’s a good investment. There has been some mention about optimal operating temperature, I’ve seen nothing about humidity.

@dan and others. Since I live in a region where evaporative coolers work well, will I have any problems running a glowforge in a room where I’m using an evaporative cooler to drop the temperature to 72 or so?


Willing to bet… Anything your computer can handle, it will also handle.
The key is non-condensing. You never want air to start to condense on cold surfaces inside your machine.

If you tell me your temp and RH, I will tell you the coldest temp(dew point) any object can be before you will start to see condensation on it.

Thanks @spike. You’re right, condensation is a killer.