Even more minis, and a lot of clutter!

Hi Everyone! Thank you all so much for the encouragement on my minis! Finished up a fireplace and an armor display stand, the stand has no back as it’ll just sit flat against whatever wall I end up doing. Pardon the shadow, the wood panel at the base of the stand matches the wood panels on the desk. The fireplace has the clock and candles built in to the second layer, the mirror frame is part of the back layer, and the mirror has clear acrylic with mirrored cardstock on the back (I actually think it’s a lid to a to-go tin, unused of course).

But, OOOOH the clutter! This stuff was fun. The GF pieces are the teapot and teacups, the base and bottle of the burner, and the weird electrical contraption that I don’t even know what it is. For the burner, I took a paperclip and bent it in to the holding stand shape, used hot glue to mount it on to base and used a paperclip to texture the glue like fire before it cooled, then used permanent dark orange marker to color it. Green permanent marker to stain the liquid in the bottle. The electrical device is four acrylic posts set down in to a stand, with paper clip poles and thin copper jewelry wire wrapped in to a coil. The newspaper, letters, and book pages are parchment, with a black cardstock cover. I used gray sharpie on the newspapers to color and age them, and embroidery floss to tie up the bundle on the floor.

Now I think it may be time to start working on the room, I’ll probably end up doing just one wall at a time, not sure, haven’t quite figured out how to tackle it yet. Also not sure if I want to take on the challenge of having it lit or not.

Thanks for stopping and taking a look, until next creation, Happy Forging!


The suit of armor in the display case is fantastic


You’ve got a great start on this! Looks awesome!


That isn’t a 1926 Sangamo Clock on the desk is it? If you enrolled in the Sangamo Clock Club you paid $ 5 dollars and took the clock home .Then made payments it sold for $37.50.



We do love minis!!!

The suit of armor is stealing the show for me!! I love it!


NOW it looks real, heh heh.


You make my brain hurt - in a good way! I am always so amazed at your designs. The details are fabulous. I really love that fireplace, especially with the clock and candles on the mantle. Excellent job!


Great stuff. I love miniatures.


I can just imagine him in there! So cool :slight_smile:


Love the knight!


Your miniatures are just adorable! They have a campy vibe to them that I love.


Fantastic work!!

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