Ever make something and forget the settings you used?

We had a group party a few months back and I took an aerial photo with drone. I tinkered , (wasted) about 2 full sheets and finally got settings right. Now I didn’t save the settings so have no idea what I ended up using…very frustrating. This is on medium draftboard. I really feel like I ended up setting greyscale setting to “vary power” and adjusted the power and speed until I got this result. But honestly have no idea. But here it is anyhow…I feel like it came out really awesome and just wish I could figure out what I did without wasting more material. !(upload://A8crLIgeqv4pcWnulgmJ0pmy0qL.jpeg)


If you go back to the job in the dashboard the settings should be where you left them…?

when I click on it in the history it never loads. it opens like it gonna load it but then nothing happens…just crickets…

Fun photo! Perfect for an engraving!

Nice–but been there too with forgetting what used to get the look wanted… One option is saving the settings with a name for the material or job, but I also try keeping a note book to track settings for different projects that I can refer to later (provided I can find the notebook when I need it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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