Ever see this problem?

15 month old basic, recently replaced belts.

Now I’m having a problem with alignment but recalibration comes out perfect.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Mike, WIsconsin

This almost looks like the head bumped into something. If that is not the case, inspect all of the wheels for cracks, check for debris in the belts and on the rails and double check the belt tension.


I agree, the head bumped into something, an obstruction, or the travel limit… 3 times.

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has to be something on the track. if it was on the wheels it would have been spread out on the design more, I would think.

Thanks for the replies - really do appreciate your ideas.

Have cleaned the tracks on left and right side of the bed.
When cleaning the track on the laser arm (controls left and right motion of the laser head box) the belt seems loose and the metal platform that holds the laser head makes a grinding noise when I move it left and right. The belt is tightened as far as it will go. I do not see anything the laser head would hit.

I’ve seen that when I had holddown pins on top of a thick piece of wood. The shroud for the air assist fan underneath the carriage plate was bumping into the pins during the engrave. That shroud is not even half an inch above the crumb tray.

Hadn’t thought of the shroud, went to check immediately.

Unfortunately, there is almost 1/2 inch from surface of the cutting board to the shroud.

Thanks for the idea!

The base (lowest point) of the air assist shroud is 0.63" above the crumb tray on my machine.

If it was less than 0.5", it would be impossible to work with the 0.5" material the machine is rated for.

Here it is cutting 0.59 pine (do NOT advise!)

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I was engraving a cutting board so the crumb tray is not in. The board is sitting on 2 cork circles.


Understood. I was addressing the above claim that the shroud is less than 0.5" above the tray.

Thanks for the idea. Support has recommended changing the laser arm belt so I am back to waiting mode.

All ideas submitted are greatly appreciated!!!

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