Every day I find another use for GF!



Today I realized, while trying to hunt down 12 matching rulers, I will never have to buy another ruler again once the GF arrives! Acrylic or aluminum!


I am with you on that one.
Hand made a couple of circle cutting templates for use with my router. Will be making those on the Glowforge when it gets here.


I have a design for a “plan markup” ruler to use at work (engineer) with common shape and symbol templates, etc…


Ooh. The end of hand-marked story sticks. And more custom stencils than you can imagine.


Yup!! I’m planning on making a lot of jigs and measuring things also!


I plan to make some acrylic angle gauges for specific machine setup tasks.


That is so far my favorite aspect of having a laser.

Long ago I planned a lab for introductory physics students to teach them that sometimes the tool they are using to measure with is itself flawed. So instead of tossing them complex instruments which they see as a black box… I give them rulers that are 5%-10% off size.

Then have them do a basic “Find the volume of this box in 3 different ways” type of density lab. When they cannot get submersion to agree with LxWxH… sit back and cackle as they spend an hour checking basic math.


So wrong… yet so right.


Haha, I like the way you think. An important lesson for them!


That’s also a good screening test for the ones who have that certain something. (I spent half of a freshman physics lab figuring out what was wrong with the air tracks and a senior project dissecting the screwed-up results from another lab).


Pure evil…lmao


oh, I love that so much. I might just have to steal that for my mechanical engineering students!


Aviation mechanics in the Navy called them “go/no-no” gauges. Standard clearance or angles that give instant reference, removing potential human error and speeding procedure.


Exactly! Tinkering is fun. Fiddling about, not so much. :slight_smile:


How many likes can I give that post :clap:


On the slightly less evil end of the spectrum… There are special “shrink” rulers for measuring patterns to be cast in Al (or other materials). The markings are a few percent enlarged. They are also expensive. Not anymore! Nice that you can make them custom and accurate after doing shrink tests on whatever you are casting.