Everyday Seller

I went back to my home decor roots and designed this every day signage set for the interior or exterior of a home. I made 10 designs (Welcome, Family, Home, Residence, Cottage, Team, Cabin, Chalet, Crew & Lake House) with the 26 letters of the alphabet included for each.
I also developed a way to use your off cuts as a template to perfectly line up your signs every time in seconds. It’s a far better solution than scoring or using tape. Very happy with how this turned out,

File can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/929771558
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Nice work man! I love the precision of the laser, do all the work with a mouse or a pen on the file and let your robot do the work. I like that cursive font too.
Yes! There can often be two for one, positive and negative. Nice use of the cut-out. :sunglasses:


Great collection to mix and match.


Great work! Hope it sells for you!


The laser makes my job easy. Possibilites are endless

Thanks so much!

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Really like the colors of that first sign! Can’t even begin to imagine how to pronounce “Declecrq” :sweat_smile:


Nice looking signs and love your placement technique.

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This is ingenious! Thank you for showing us.

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