Everyone who participates in this FORUM should be able to get the SNAPMARKS- Agreed?

I read the fine print and still couldn’t help myself. Honestly the community of support was a big part of that. Kudos, all!

GF has always been very vague about the ins and outs of their production decisions so I don’t think anyone will have any great insight other than what you’ve already seen. It doesn’t really make sense for them to intentionally make people angry though and what would they have to gain? I think it’s pretty likley they’re being honest about having to calibrate each machine individually and it’s just slow going. (It’s probably the mechanics of explaining/ trouble shooting new snapmark users a few at a time instead of the whole community at one time as well.) I guess they could have just kept quite and figured out how to do one big release to avoided the backlash they must have know would come from doing it this way. Instead they decided to make a few users a happy a little bit at a time. I do hope you get your snapmarks soon so you have an easier time with your machine though. I know it can be frustrating.


This gives me a headache thinking about how that is possible. Maybe a difference in the Plus / Basic but other than that , its gets really cloudy.

Why? Optically speaking, camera vision wise, all 3 models are the same.


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