Everyone's Best Friend - Dogs


Happy New Year everyone.

One of my new year resolutions is to get more involved with the forum…

A GF would help… But in the meantime I have been trying to improve my photography.

Very happy with this photo of Roscoe


You can’t fail with dogs, puppies and kittens. I have been trying to get unique camera angles and taking extreme close ups of only parts of their faces.


Always makes me wonder what the dog must be thinking when their human is hiding their face behind something.

Doesn’t the human know the dog still sees them?:wink:


The wife and I are hoping to pick up a corgi after we move. Sadly we are about a year from that. So we plan to just stick with our bas@#& cat.


Dog: My owners keep saying -“who’s a good dog, who’s a good dog” but they won’t tell me!




I just recently picked up a dslr. This is one of my better pics of our sixth month old golden retriever with his neighbour friend.


Very nice one! Looks like a calendar picture :relaxed:


Great photo. Take lots - they grow up so quickly!


First post, but had to. Happy new year from Molly and Maisey (who are both sleeping right now)!


I’m not sure molly looks too happy. :grinning:


We used a feather duster to try and perk her up but her ears did not win against gravity.


Our motley crew of Ibizan Hounds. Buck, Opal (Momma O’ ), Crockett, Phoebe and Boone. <3


So what were they ready to go and get. The mostly dark colored one is just about to take off.


They are rabbit/hare coursers (hunting) and they just got back from a run. The breed was developed for hundreds of years to hunt in really heavy, tall cover and are the best canine jumpers in the world. Able to leap building in a single bound :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a job for SUPER DOG.


Here is Budders, letting me know what he thinks of phototime.


Reminds me of ridiculousness on MTV. They have a lead in to a segment showing several kittens all in sync looking up the down then across :grin:


what dog is the best dog


every dog is the best dog

look at him being a rebel! WHAT A GOOD DOG


Here’s my best buddy.