Everything Else - is exactly what will change


Do yourself a favor and Invest the hour to watch this if you care to understand how and why our civilization is poised to change.
Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation. I think Explosion is more descriptive than Disruption.
I have known this would eventually come since adolescence, but technology convergence means Now. Finally.

Take a look at the near future.


Thanks for that.
I did the investment, and even though my remaining time here is relatively short, I must seriously think about the way forward. We are all going to be affected, even if we’re pulled screaming and kicking into the future.
There was an article written, I believe, about 40-50 years ago, about the exponential growth of a number of developments, and one of the important ones that I remember was the energy that one human could control at the flick of a switch.
Just remembered that at the time, all the growth curves seemed to become asymptotic in 1997. That didn’t happen, but I believe the thrust of the article is still valid.


An interesting frame of thought.
You and I my friend are old enough to have a deep perspective. (it’s our superpower. The only way to get that is to live long enough) The inevitable changes have always been seen as coming eventually, but to see them coalesce into expression within my lifetime is amazing/inspiring/almost unreal.


I would watch that but it might depress me. :wink:


I don’t think so Jules.
If you take the long view, the benefits to our society and the health of the planet, wherever you live, are only to be welcomed.
Given the projections of the video, which I am happy to acknowledge that I agree with, I’m looking forward to seeing it happen, even from my weird take on the world.





Money talks, and the numbers tell the story.
It helped me understand and put the changes in perspective. I think it better to know in advance rather than being taken by surprise. I think the information can give insight and help you prepare, and arm yourself for the adjustment.


Lock and load. (Actually haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, just talkin’ here 'cause I happened to wander by.) :smile::wink:


Just ordered the book off ebay in UK.
Curiously, not on ebay.com in USA.


News link on the BBC today.
Seems familiar ?!



“renewable energy costs are falling faster than even the most optimistic analyst had projected.”

“renewable energy is not “alternative” any more. Costs are dropping so fast it’s difficult to keep track. It is the cheapest power available in more and more places, and by the time children born today enter college, it is likely to be the cheapest everywhere. That’s a different world.”

When we stop dumping gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere, it’s a different world indeed.


Dont bother pointing that out to the ruling Party in Australia, the Liberal Party (btw they are economic Liberals but socially very conservative). They still think coal is the answer to everything.

Australia has Wind and Sun in abundance… but coal is the andwer apparently sigh


Yes, well, at a certain point in the cost curve they won’t be able to argue. Money talks, and everybody understands that language.


Unfortunately the only time they hear money talk is when it says what they want it to say.

They recently tried to throw a couple of billion at an aging coal power plant to try to extend its lifetime… one that even the owner refused to keep going. The plant’s owner is putting their money into Wind and Solar and dumping the junk Coal generator.

It also helps them that Rupert Murdoch’s rags are happy to headline even the most microscopic of issues with Renewables in an attempt to foster doubt in the public’s mind


Yeah, this ‘administration’ wants to put coal miners back to work. ‘You can lead a person to knowledge, but you can’t make them think.’

That video makes it pretty clear, any investment in coal or oil will be stranded in just a few years. The Keystone pipeline springs to mind. According to the numbers, if the source can’t compete with $25 a barrel oil, it’s dead. Coal, shale, tar sands - Dead. The model of centralized power generation for residential is about to be turned on it’s head.
The video runs the numbers and plots the cost curves over time, big changes coming man. I would bet that owner of the power plant knows that.


Yeah, this is part of the reason the Oz Government is terrified of Electric Vehicles… they saw how much roof-top solar power messed with power profits (most Oz States privatised electricity to make a quick buck… a part of the contract was guaranteed profits - something that is now political poison because it is the politicians who pay when the public pays).

If Australia goes the way of the rest of the world, Electric Vehicles will greatly reduce the tax money raised on Petrol sales.
Petrol Sales Tax pays for roads (and is also a slush fund for pork barrelling)
As a result of this, despite the public desire for EV’s they are currently massively overpriced (due to distance and low demand/turnover) and also subject to the Luxury Car Tax which is 33%


fascinating video. I think (which means nothing) that there are factors beyond economic that may take longer to shake out. The freedom of instantaneous transportation (owning our own vehicles). I’m sure this will happen much faster in the urban centers. Our lack of long range infrastructure. Though it may factor as a small portion of overall driving, we need a range of well over 1000 miles or an alternative infrastructure. And if our government teaches us nothing else, it’s that decisions made are not always simply what’s best. :slight_smile: That said, I have no doubt that a large portion of what he’s saying is a good forecast of what we will watch happen over the next decade.


Great presentation and the tide will turn toward a solar power generation. One thing that he didn’t present or heard here is the future of oil. Power it won’t be but all the solar panels A-EVs and so many of our other gadgets are made of plastics. Between population increases and the material resources needed to create all that I don’t see the end of oil but better uses for it. I just hope it results in cheaper costs for all the acrylic products I’m going to make.