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i just have a question.
i see on the designs “license Commercial” what does that mean ?
Do you have to have it if you would like to sell your projects? and if yes, how do you go about it to obtain it? thank you

I believe there are at least two different categories of designs in the catalog. Personal use designs mean you can use the file only for your personal use. Commercial license means you can make the item and sell it. In all cases you cannot sell the file.


but you could sell the item ,if you the made item from that file?

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If the license is commercial, yes. It’s in the license description.


Yes, that is the point. Not being able to sell the svg is pretty standard. Private use is to make them for yourself or give away the finished piece. as with everything, passing on the svg is generally forbidden, though there are a lot of sites that ignore the concept, and can be problematic to use stuff from there, as you are not immune from lawsuit.

But if you have a retail outlet by all means make and sell all the finished items you want. That is one thing that makes Premium such a bargain.


thank you so much

thank you

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