Everything seems just slightly off

The last few days the same designs I’ve always used seem to have more lines and aren’t as detailed. I thought it was because I adjusted my settings and it was going to fast even though I also increased my lpi but I ran a test today and it looks the same with my old settings. My scoring and cutting sometimes isn’t straight either and those are PG so I’m not sure what’s happening. Any help would be appreciated.

What have you tried so far?

I’d be very suspicious of debris in your tracks and or in your belt/gears.

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I just pulled everything off and found this. I’m not sure how that could have happened unless it has to do with increasing the speed. Uploading: 7BC45E94-4A15-4112-85DD-657D880D4897.jpeg…

Also to narrow it down: where in the bed are the problems happening? Is it consistent? Is it reproduceable? Is your crumb tray seated properly with no strange wiggling? Does the GF sound different lately? (especially any unexpected clunk/grinding) Does the movement feel smooth if you turn everything off and move the head/gantry all around by hand?

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Hmm, lemme go look at mine.

I don’t have any kind of rubber gasket at all on mine (pro).

I’d open a P&S thread about it if nobody chimes in.


But… your wheels look kind dirty, I would definitely clean the wheels and rails and see if your issues clear up. A little bit of debris would definitely make your head bounce around. I’d check the side rails too.


Weird. Okay, I will definitely clean it but the other side has the plastic piece so I’m not sure if I should remove that side so they’re even or if I should order a replacement. I’ll double check over in the other forum.

Also keep in mind (probably obvious) that your laser head has 4 wheels, the backside of the gantry has a matching pair.

I wonder what that rubber gasket is from… I don’t recall one like that in the packing materials.

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It’s actually hard plastic. Here is the other half of the broken one and the one one the opposite side.

I wouldn’t attempt that unless told to by Support. The back wheels on the head mount plate are plastic – Support will get you squared away.

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Oh, I wouldn’t do anything without support since I’m still under warranty. Someone else just took a picture of theirs and it has no plastic so I was just kind of wondering out loud if they were 100% necessary or if support would be able to tell me I can still run it while I wait for the replacement.

Oh wow your left side wheel is gone

Yup! It didn’t happen until I changed the speed settings. I was just messing around and wanted to try it on the fastest with the highest LPI a couple of days ago. Since then it hasn’t been the same. :-/

Its almost like it got jammed up somehow or wasn’t spinning freely and ended up getting cut on the guide rail. I’m sure support will get you fixed up there. i’ve never seen that happen before.

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I’ll bow out here, but I think he photographed the front wheels, not the back…

Do you know where the top half of that wheel ended up? might be good to try and find it to make sure it isnt effecting the machine somewhere else as well.

Yes it was sitting on top. I have it and that’s why I was kind of hoping that I could just remove the broken one and still use the machine but it’s probably wishful thinking on my part. I have a big show at the end of the month and was stoked to have a full two weeks to get ready.

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yeah that would cause problems for sure trying to run with 3 which is kinda what you have been doing but would be worse with it gone completely. im sure a crafty person could fab up a replacement to keep you going but you are still under warranty i believe so waiting for support would be the best thing to do.

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