Examples of 3D laser engraving



i was researching laser Marquetry and came across this company.
The are doing some 3D work with their laser.
Very nice, but it look like alot of sanding.


Interesting - though their website looks like it was made in 1995 :slight_smile: But then they are “traditional” :slight_smile:


Thanks for that link. These are some things I would like to do as well. - Rich


Any examples of Glowforge being able to do this yet?


Those examples are just excellent. I hope that the GF can do something like that. It should in theory, since the power is variable, but the way from a 3d file (?STL) to such results is not clear to me.


I am not 100% sure also, but I can think of a couple ways this might be achieved.

  1. Take a STL file of the 3D model and slice it. Assign a power setting to each slice.

  2. This person; Daniel Carr designed many of the state quarters. He wrote some custom software to design coins. Even though he is using a mill, I think the same principals might apply to a laser.