Examples of detailed lasering?



I’m having trouble finding anything but basic, mostly hand drawn “Hello world!” kind of stuff.

Any more current examples of detail work the Glowforge capable of? Haven’t seen, for example, a map-wallet type detail in a while.



Many of the threads from @jkopel are here easily found with search, once you know the titles he likes to use. Or you can follow his profile link to his list of started topics.

Laser Thursday posts should all be results of Glowforge machines. But we have not seen very many of them lately (that I have noticed)


Check Josh’s beta threads for the experienced user stuff.
(There are a bunch of them.)

The newest betas might be on the “less experienced” side of the spectrum.
(Which is good - it means they are making sure all the bugs are swatted before getting downright serious about shipping these things out to new users.)

More goodies will probably start popping up after the MakerFaire too - they might be focusing on getting ready for that. :relaxed:


I’ve been watching those but, nothing is particularly as detailed as the map-wallet they released early on. Mostly shapes that fit together.

The Settler’s map they did had some nice detail work on it, but, again, I haven’t seen too much recently - would be nice to see something new in that department. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t assume any of the early demo pieces were cut on anything other than maybe a physically similar 40W laser. The state of the GF at that time was at best very early prototype with none of the current S/W and only proof of concept H/W. Very little real capability.


There has been quite a dearth of real examples from the glowforge. The majority of the listed features have not been shown to be working as of yet. We know it can do simple cuts, and simple engraves, but thats about it. This is less than what I can do with a $300 chinese laser. Im hoping theyll step it up soon, because its somewhat worrisome.


There’s a 1.3k lines per inch engrave here:

I’ll see about running another one sometime soon.


There are a lot of examples on the front page of the glowforge site showing what it has supposedly done, but we havent seen anything since almost a year ago showing that it actually CAN do these things.

The high res, non-variable power engrave was made ~4 months ago, and with errors. What can you show us in the way of functional progress that has been made in the last few months?


Cross linking for Dan. Pretty sure that was meant as a response.


Maybe, but again it’s just the logo and letters. Sure it’s nice and clean, but not terribly complex.

Look at the main page about half way down and the “EuroTrip 2016” cover, or the mousepad earlier on the page. I’d like to see updated examples of things like that.

Heck, same picture on same material if there’s an upgrade in the Glowforge’s quality, or something different if not. Just be good to know it can actually do it since it was a big part of why we bought in.


I understand that you are looking for reassurance that the GF will do what you want. I would just like to point out that complexity is more about design then about the laser. If it can do a clean and accurate job of a simple pattern, then a complex pattern is just more of the same. The only place this would concern me is when the complexity results in file sizes bigger then the machine can handle, but that would be an extreme case.


Maybe GFHQ would consider an open house sometime during the week leading up to PAX Prime since that might get a few out of towners.


Might be a little hard to pull off considering that PAX Prime is next week… but I’m all for it!


I’ll be making my yearly migration to Seattle for PAX. Maybe we could get together and show up in front of the Glowforge office as a group. I hear Dan and the rest of the Glowforge team loves it when that happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only if you bring donuts! chuckle! :wink:


I’ll bring a box of Legendary… someone swing through Portland and pick up a box of Voodoo!


just in case anyone wasn’t around for last year in the forums and missed the humor. The glowforge team is crazy busy making glowforges and really does not want any uninvited guests. I doubt you can find a bribe big enough to make it ok. but maybe it’s time for @dan and other staff to add to the customers giving GF feature hopper.


Relatively certain that we’re all just joking around. :smiley:



(I like the mocking kids in the background)


“By what right do you exclude the population!?!”

OMG that’s just hilarious! That man is serious about his shopping.