Exaust Fan Screw Guide

There has been a number of how to’s to get the screws to line up when re-inserting the exhaust fan,
I like to adapt things I have around my house for that.

here is a screw guide using Heat shrink tubing

Measure the tubing to be flush with the hole, trim off excess,
put shrink tubing in hole
push screw into place, and gently insert fan onto post, then tighten screw


You, my friend, are a genius! And something like this that every fan and like devices should have. There are lots of things like this that have holes for screws that are impossible to line up.


An excellent idea!


Depending on one’s luck I have found soda straws that fit in the distance from screw to hole, but shrink-wrapping the screw into place is great!

yea, My original concept was straws, but the screws are thinner then a standard straw, why I started thinking shrink tubing

PS: I don’t heat the tube, its a friction hold

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Plastic straws heat shrink also but are very sensitive to turning into a puddle.

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Now that’s just screwed up. :nerd_face:


Thanks Jonathan for this most excellent hack.

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