Excited: Forever forge on the way


Got my UPS tracking number!


Congrats! Many more medical marvels ahead! :grinning::+1:


You deserve it man!
Glad to hear it


You deserve it, Henry. You are one of the true trailblazers and helpers here.


Yay! No more weird purple button!


Woohoo, very happy for you Doctor Henry!

As a weird aside, I always think of you as “Doctor Henry” because of the way that your avatar and user name show side by side. My fellow Gen-X peeps may remember the Saturday morning cartoon of the same name. Thus, when I see your avatar the catch phrase for that cartoon often comes to mind :wink:

“Somewhere out there, someone needs…”

And yes, I’ll fully cop to being a bit goofy on this one. I’m willingly risking the embarrassment in hopes that it will amuse a few of you as well.


I hope it is everything you need it to be! And we need to you to have a good Glowforge because you do amazing things with these tools.


Great news! Maybe in time for the long holiday weekend? Can’t wait to see what new stuff you try with it!


According to UPS it will arrive the day before thanksgiving. I’m sure my wife will be fine with me setting up the GF rather than helping set up :roll_eyes:


Maybe not… :smile:


Tell her you need it to engrave the turkey. Who can say no to that?


Excellent Dr.! From what you did with the PRU, I know great things lie ahead!


As you can imagine in my house I get a lot of eye-rolls… :roll_eyes:


Of course she will! This is your GlowForge! Thanksgiving seems like it’s happening every year these days.:yum:


Congrats! That’s great!


Congrats! Can’t wait to see what your production machine can do.


Congratulations! I’m so excited to see what you lase into the world.