Exhaust Cover


Just something I came up with… GF%20Exhaust%20Cover%201GF%20Exhaust%20Cover

So they say to disconnect the exhaust tube from the vent or the GF. I converted my Garage into a my space so I vented my GF through the wall using a dryer vent I got at Home Depot. So to avoid any dust or other things getting inside the GF I made a cover.

The cover has two pieces the smaller one fits inside the exhaust port and the outer one is so that it can be removed of course.

The outer cover measures 4 inches and the inner cover measures 3.610 it fits sung but not so tight you can’t remove it easily.




Very nice! (Just remember to remove before lasering.) :wink:


Oh Jules I will remember. I already made that mistake when trying one my cuts. Changed the measurements on the inside cover and forgot to reconnect the hose. Now I double check before I hit print…:rofl::rofl:


Let’s just say you’re not alone. :smile: