Exhaust fan seems to have died

This weekend while doing a SD graphic engrave on proofgrade hardboard, the exhaust fan seems to have died. It got pretty smokey in my workspace.

Does anyone have any experience with the exhaust fan dying? Is there an easy way to confirm the fan is dead and not some other problem? I recently cleaned it and up until yesterday, it had been running much better, so I’m a little surprised.


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This link should test the exhaust fan without running a job;



The more common scenario so far is the fan becomes so gunked up with laser residue it can’t move. See if you can check by looking inside either from the front or remove the hose and look.

Oh, sorry jus saw you had cleaned it. Long day…


Are you basing that on not hearing the fan running any more, or on the workshop getting smoky? If the latter, also check the air intake on the bottom right of the GF and make sure it hasn’t gotten blocked by a stray scrap of paper or something.


Doubtful, but that’s a good suggestion. I’ll check. Thanks

Thanks for the suggestions @jbmanning5 and @geek2nurse!

@nfredenburg, could you try cleaning your exhaust fan again with the link @jbmanning5 sent and let us know if it helps?

I’ll give it a go tonight. ~N

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.