Exhaust not on?

I just ran my first cut on a replacement machine and something seems off, literally. So how can you tell if the exhaust is selected correctly in settings to know if it is using the on board one or an external, like maybe it’s not on? I will take a pic of the setting. I do not have any other exhaust by the way but this machine seems slow and extremely quiet.

When it’s on, it’s louder than the average vacuum cleaner.

When it’s off, well, it’s barely audible.

Let me clarify, this is my 6th GF, I have one sitting across from it as well. I mean maybe its selected off in settings?

Internal exhaust fan disabled:


Yeah its turned off but it wont let me turn that back on.

Perhaps try a different browser?

I’ve seen where people were unable to disable it, and support had to “fix” that, but never where it was disabled by default.

When you turn on the machine, after a couple of seconds, the fan should run at full speed for a while. Is that happening?

Let me restart it. I’ve literally just set it up and that 1 short print

It sounds normal to me when its first started up. It just wont let me toggle that on. I changed it to my other machine and it toggles back and forth. Wouldn’t be an issue but I dont have an external fan yet. I was actually going to get one for the other machine.

That is a first, but I don’t think anyone but support can “fix” it.

Very weird.

I’ve been seeing some weird issues with the toggle for “Snap align and distribute” in the GFUI where the toggle and the actual state of snap alignment don’t seem to be talking to each other. I wonder if it’s some kind of weird javascript state bug on the toggle element or something.

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Ive been doing some research on it and it doesnt have me listed as owner. Its another name and from what ive seen from old posts, that seems to correct it.

Did you buy this machine from someone else?

Regardless, support is the only way to get it fixed.

I emailed support yesterday after discovering it wouldn’t let me toggle the air filter.

This machine is a refurbished one replacing the one i got a few weeks ago that wouldn’t work out of the box. All 6 machines I’ve had came directly from Glowforge.

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