Exhaust recommendation from manual

I have read every posting through the past 2 years. I’m pretty sure I have not seen the “at least 10 feet from mechanical air intakes” until reading the unboxing instructions today.

Choose a Location

Choose a location in a well-ventilated room with a 4“ outdoor exhaust vent. This is the same type of vent used to connect a dryer. The exhaust vent should be at least 3 feet from property lines and openings into a building, and at least 10 feet from mechanical air intakes. You can also put the hose out an open window, so long as the end of the hose is at least 3 feet from the window and meets the other criteria above.

My Estimated Shipping Notification Date bounced from Nov 10 to Nov 20 to Nov 6 to Oct 31. I did receive the email on Oct 31 at 5:52pm cst.

Pro, ordered Oct 22 with filter. The filter says May 10th.

I really hope the alignment from the screen to the bed on my unit is not off by 1/4". It will be a damper and create a lot of work.

Do folks with a new unit have a perfect alignment?


:grinning: Not by half. You’ve got a read count of 69K and I think @rpegg is closing on 200K now. (I’m at 193K myself :stuck_out_tongue:) Some of us need to get more of a real life :rofl:


No, I’ve read every post on this forum, and don’t recall seeing this.

And your read count is less than @rpegg’s too. So you’ve missed some too. Or he’s hacked Discourse.

My point wasn’t that this info was there before (I recall a 10ft hose length spec but not an advisory on distance from an air intake), it was merely pointing out that the statement “I’ve read every post” wasn’t correct.

BTW, it is a valid advisory - my exhaust is about 10ft below a first floor window and I notice GF burning smells upstairs when we leave the window open that I don’t get in the basement with the GF.

197129 vs 197159. Only because he’s caught up today and I’m just now doing it!

At 193750, you better get on the stick to beat us to the 200K point! < sarcasm emoji >


If your workflow requires this to be precise, it’ll almost certainly be too far off and create a bunch of work. Both Murphy’s Law and the current state of the software are working against you there.

As you know, you can usually come up with a workflow that doesn’t require the camera view to be precise and will be a bunch of work, but if you’re clever about it, it’s not so bad.

I have not even come close to reading everything, but I knew about the 10 feet thing. I think from posts about people discussing adding a fan or something. I don’t remember exactly. I read it and it was technical, so my brain blocked it out apparently.

It might have been discussed other times too (bc I dont remeber being surprised by the info) but it definitely was then.

Going to back off after 200K and just skim. The itch in my head won’t let me quit before that.


I gave up :slightly_smiling_face: There are posts that I missed because I joined late and by the time I got here they were deleted or moved somewhere I can’t go or something - I’ve gone through every category to find them all & I can’t see any flagged as unread. There are others I know I can’t see likely in some Beta only group or Employee only categories because I think Dan has us all beat (or he did last time I looked). My OCD will never be satisfied with an “all read” count :grinning:


Interesting. Where did you find the number of posts read to that precision. Only see me at 197.2K. Obviously I haven’t read enough to figure out the nuances.

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Just hover over the four-digit display.

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Nope, 169791. Slacker. < more sarcasm >

My limited understanding of this forum was that if I have no unread messages and no new messages that I had in fact read them all.

Obviously this is not the case. Who knew?

My apologies and I did not mean to infer that I have read more than anyone else or was better than anyone.
I’m glad that we’re limited here to only folks who have plunked down real money. I don’t think I’d last long in the wild web where anonymous folks can post anything.

Thank you Scott.Burns for staying on topic.

The point of my post was to let folks who are waiting for their golden email know that there is a requirement (suggestion) to have the exhaust be 10 ft away from an intake, 3 ft away from your property line, and a suggested 3 ft outside an open window. I find that information valuable and I am fortunate in that I have only 2 weeks to come up with a workaround.



You forgot the sarcasm emoji. < ditto >

Seriously, I really don’t recall seeing that anywhere. I must admit, I didn’t read EVERY word of the 20 page contract we accepted, though.

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I can honestly say I don’t recall the part about 3 feet outside an open window. Interesting. I was just planning on having my blastgate exit through the window and that was going to be that. Looks like I might be attaching a 3ft hose on the other end of that now.

This seems like it might be a bad idea though as it will be basically touching the ground at that point. I won’t be surprised when a squirrel or mice try and make a home in there during the winter, especially with warm air pumping out of it.

I think the operative word here is “open”. If you have a blast gate, or any of the other window insert vent solutions, that window is no longer “open”.

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I agree. With a window insert & a blast gate there’s no path for the exhaust to re-enter the room. With an open window 3 feet of extra hose is probably okay but I think you’ll get fumes re-entering the window based on my experience with an open window above the exhaust. They probably picked 10ft from an air intake because there’d be a suction being created by the intake fans.


197.3K vs 197.2K between @rpegg and @Scott.Burns respectively means that they both live on this forum. Clearly my 15.9K means that I’m a slacker or that it was too painful to watch everyday because I didn’t know when I would see my :glowforge:. :wink:

:grinning: Check out the “read time” stat. In the past 2 years I’ve spent 40 days reading the forum - 40 24hr days (@rpegg has spent 50!) . That was a huge time suck :slightly_smiling_face: But a lot if the time is while I’m waiting for something so it’s in snippets of time :slight_smile:

I was very active early and then just hit and run after the first big delay. Now that I’ve received the Golden Ticket email, I’m hurrying to learn as much as I can. This is an awesome bunch of creatives and technical peeps. Every day has fascinating finds. Thanks all.