Exhaust vent disconnect

So I have been following the directions to remove the exhaust duct after each use. It’s kind of a pain, so I started to look for some sort of blast gate or quick disconnect idea. I found a dryer duct magnetic disconnect on Amazon. I know I should probably use the GF to make something myself, as seen on other posts by marmak and the like. And maybe I am not very sensitive to smoke smells, or am breathing lots of bad stuff, but I haven’t taped or sealed anything other than the cheapo spring hose clamps that came with the unit, and the smell doesn’t seem too bad.

I already have a dryer flapper damper on the way out of the shop. A fancier version would be an automatic powered damper that closed whenever power to the GF was off. Any thoughts?



http://a.co/g9VMr1r (but in a smaller diameter - this one is 10")


I’m currently using the MagVent. It is working decently well for that.