I’ve been venting my GF out the window–raise the sash, have a ply insert with a 4" air vent, plug flex tube from GF into hole. Problem is that I’d much prefer to have my GF on the other side of the room on a counter… GF would fit fine, but for the exhausting out of the back–that extra 4-5" of depth would make it unstable. But… if memory serves, the GF original design air filter was something that fit under the GF unit, which started me thinking about whether there is some port or some approved way of plugging the hole in the back and exhausting the GF out of the bottom? Or did that filter have some kind of umbilical that still plugged into the 4" port in the back? If there was a port in the bottom, I could easily fab up a base for the GF that would allow me to vent without increasing the depth.

Relatedly, has anyone tried this: https://www.amazon.com/WUPYI-Extractor-Purifier-Engraving-Machine/dp/B07TMDPF44/ref=pd_ybh_a_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=KBYKJV5SE8V16XZSKX0H

No unfortunately, the same port is used for the filter that sits underneath it, you would just connect to the filter underneath using a short hose off the back port. (sorry) :neutral_face:

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Thanks for the fast reply… Anyone tried using something like a dryer vent periscope? The depth of the body on the one I linked to is only 2"; figure I could build one with both ports on the same side, but the worry would be whether the severity of the bend would create some kind of backpressure that would reduce exhaust flow (and whether that might be overcome with a supplemental fan on the other end?

Alone, it would likely constrict flow too much. You’d likely wind up with a very smoky room.

If you do purchase a supplemental inline fan, you have the ability to reduce the fan speed on the Glowforge unit …that’s what we do with the Compact Filters, which have their own fans built in, and suck the smoke through the filter.

Is there an option to add a vent through the wall at the location you want to move to?
(provided you’re the home owner…).

I’ve been doing similar with going out the window and blocking off the open area so nothing blows back in, but considering cutting hole thru the wall to add a “dryer” vent just for my GF!

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