Experiments with 3D engrave


I used a photo I took a few years back for this 3-d engrave. Luckily, the photo already had good lighting creating some great highlights…also used the Nik Collection.


Whew! Like that one! :grinning:





Any chance you could upload a detail image of the mid right off angle to see some more of the relief detail?


It was engraved on a 3/4” piece of basswood.


Wow, thanks for posting that pic. Fantastic.
What was the production time like?


I think it was around 1.5 hours using the PG basswood settings…could probably cut that down to 1 hour or less if you changed the LPI to 225 or less.


that’s great. one of the best i’ve seen here.


Very nice!


Thanks for the compliment. I think I got a little lucky with the highlights. I tried another photo that didn’t have quite as much light, resulting in less contrast.


Wow! Just look at those leaves sitting on top of the road.


well done


Just breathtaking!


Very good engrave


Stunning. The close-up is even more delightful!