Exploring proofgrade engraving options

I was looking for something like this on the forum but didn’t encounter any so ran some tests my self, maybe it’ll be helpful for you guys!

Before I do a big sign I always test the waters by doing some mini signs.
Here are 4 different types of proofgrade engraving done on medium draftboards.

Note: Draft & SD engraving are slightly bigger than the first two so time is a bit longer than if they’re the same size.

You can’t see in the photos but deep 3d burned through the draftboard completely (holes at the top). Also, I think the machine thought I had thick acrylic… otherwise I don’t think there’s even a deep 3D option.


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Close up:


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Original File [same used for all the different type of cuts]:


Nice results! :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe that’d be a Support issue. I don’t think any :proofgrade: setting should cause an engrave to cut through its associated :proofgrade: material. You may want to post in the Support section as well.

  • Tom

There isn’t a deep 3D option for medium materials, I do not believe.

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Ah. Well that’d explain it.

Ah yes, there was not supposed to be a deep 3D option.

The ticket I should file is glowforge read (and kept) the material of my prior session even tho I opened and switched out to a new material with QR code visible.

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Nice! That is indeed helpful.

Oh! That happened to you, too?!? I had the same issue last week! Ruined an entire sheet of Thick Black Acrylic because it didn’t change materials appropriately and thought I was still using Medium Red Acrylic. So, yeah… I’d say open a ticket about it so they’re aware it’s not an isolated issue.