Export Design includes meaningless "text copy" of settings

How do I export a design and get the power and speed settings?
As per the glowforge help article
it says:
" * Your settings will be added to the saved file as readable text, too. That means when you’re ready to print it again, you can re-enter the settings from the file. This works for both Proofgrade materials and for manual settings you’ve tuned yourself."
All I get is a list of the steps with a 6 digit number - no useable power or speed settings.
This is from a exported design:
Glowforge® print settings
Timestamp: Mon Oct 10 2022 16:15:18 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Version: 1.0
Step 0: #000000 Cut
Step 1: #181493 Cut
Step 2: #297200 Cut
Step 3: #548ab2 Cut
Step 4: #9e5000 Cut
Step 5: #e53595 Ignore
I want to save my Dashboard stuff before it all goes away, and hopefully not need to make a journal with the custom setting for each design.

You can’t. You get a warning when you export designs with custom settings. Make notes, or create custom settings for those materials.


I didn’t get any warnings, when exporting that file and it had custom settings. Luckily the Glowforge Material Manager still works with Chrome and has all my custom settings , But I have a range of test files for getting the speed and power settings right for a new material and each file has “test cuts” with different settings for each (example speeds of 160-200 in steps of 5 or 10 to dial in the correct setting, and re-entering those each time is a pain in the …
I guess a new notebook is in my future…

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Strange. I use this tool extensively and always get this dialog if (and only if) I’ve used manual settings as shown here…

BTW, the 6-character numbers you mention are the hexadecimal color codes used for each step.


I submitted a suggestion to Support to fix the help file so it does not state that saving the settings on export happens. We’ll see if that happens…

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