Exported designs are NOT the same size when bringing back into GF

So, I have found that when I Export my design and then upload it again later, the general size is larger than the original design. :cry: Any idea why? I have NOT made any changes in the Exported Design. Simply saved, and then reloaded later.

Make sure your design program exports at 96 DPI.

Where in the world would I find that information and make that change in GF??

You have to make that change in the design program. Inkscape for instance defaults to 96.

I’m not asking that. What about designs I created IN GF, then exported out, and then bringing back into GF…

That is unusual that a file created in the interface is exported and comes back in a different size. When you exported it, did you open it in another program and save in that program?

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Does it happen with every design? Could you make a reproducible test case and upload it here?

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And by the way…

So, it’s not that.

Hmm, well I’m stumped.

That is really weird! I agree with the others and it’d be helpful to post the design so someone else can take a look.

Here’s my test file, by the way. It seems to work just fine, no resizing occurs.

export size test

It happens no matter what I do.

How much is it off? Say a 3" circle is exported. Opened in Inksckape, save and then reloaded. What is the new size of the circle.?

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For instance, on one I tried just now, the original was 17" x 10.5". However, again, after Exporting and bringing back into the GF, it’s 20.658" x 12.448".

Crazy! What program was it saved in outside of the interface?

No program. Just as a file in a folder…

I can’t duplicate the error. I created a file - A rectangle 10.5 x 17 created from the shape tool. I dropped in two more images and a line of text. Hit export design. Closed the app. Opened the app. Chose create new blank file. Dragged the exported file onto the bed and it was 10.5 x 17.

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Lucky you! :slight_smile:

I am just trying to understand what is happening with your situation and be helpful, but I failed.

Oh, I know, and I thank you. It’s just frustrating on my end. I finally am able to organize my designs (outside of GF), but now I have to resize everything. Such a hassle.