Extended Exhaust Fan Run Time?

Hi all,

My GF is vented right out a nearby window. When cutting/engraving wood I have no problems. I’ve recently starting trying acrylic and it’s great, but sometimes there is a lingering odour. I’d like to run my exhaust fan for a bit longer than usual to try to get rid of more of the smell before opening the unit.

Is anyone else doing something like this? I saw some mention of adding an in line fan, which I could do though space is a bit tight.

I was also thinking about using the fan maintenance utility to turn it on manually. For some reason it sounds more intense (to my ear at least) when I toggle it on from here though, so I want to make sure I’m not causing any other problems.

Any thoughts/advice would be welcome!

Thank you!

It’s been requested, but so far that ability is not available. Running the fan cleaning utility would work I suppose, but it would get old having to go in and fire that up after every job. An in-line fan is probably your best bet—that’s what I have for the same reason, and it works great.


Thanks for the quick reply! Are there any issues with inserting an obstacle (ie another fan) in the path of the exhaust?

I’m also debating swapping some of the hosing out for ABS tubing. My thought is that the smooth walls should have a higher flow rate than the expandable hose and its accordion edges.

No issues as far as I know. Many people are doing it. I run both fans all the time, some folks only run the inline one. I think in order to minimize the noise (in-line fan is a lot quieter).

Someone else on the forum mentioned swapping that dryer hose for a smooth-walled one, for the same reason you mention. I can’t remember if they got the desired effect—maybe you could do a forum search on that.

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I added an inline fan & I just keep it running all the time the GF is on. I still use the GF exhaust fan when it is actually cutting, but I give it a minute after the cutting is done before I open the lid.I also leave the scraps in the machine after removing the cut pieces. It has made a huge difference in the odor that lingers after opening the GF lid.


Ah, good suggestions! Thank you!

I added the Vivo 195 cfm inline fan very early on and as it is pretty quiet leave it on 24/7 assuring that outside humid air does not come in and any odors that are there all the time just from the smoke are also expelled.


An obstacle would be a problem.

As long as the fan is rated for around 200cfm or better, and running, that won’t be an obstacle.

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Thank you all for the advice!