Extended warranty email today

Hi, I got an email offering the extended warranty, but it says it’s for the first GF I was sent (sn does not match new machine).
The first machine was bad from the start, and was sent a new one.
Why can I not get the warranty on the new one?

probably just a mistake. But the real question is… what prices are they showing there, and is there a discount applied?

I have a Plus and the warranty ends end of December. Cost is $799 for 3 years. Starting to think about it. When you consider the tube replacement is $500 this may not be a bad deal.

That’s starting to sound like the 55 cents per day price Dan mentioned was for the Basic and it went up from there then. 800 for 3 years is better for sure. If I was allowed to get one I would consider it for that price (but unfortunately my warranty was up a year or two ago…)


Email support to let them know they sent you the wrong one.

I have the Pro and the price is $1,199 for 3 years.

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Sorry about the confusion! We provided your serial number in the email just in case you bought multiple printers. Your warranty covers your Glowforge Pro for one year after the shipping date, and if we already covered you for a replacement, your serial number may have changed in that time. But your Glowforge is still covered, so you can purchase the extended warranty for more coverage. Don’t think of it as the individual Glowforge serial number being the thing that’s covered under warranty, think of it as the Glowforge you ordered being covered!