Extended warranty for new owners

Saw a topic that said Glowforge is now offering an extended warranty to some Glowforge owners in December. Just purchased the Pro, haven’t got it yet and won’t until January 2022. Will I be offered the extended warranty?

My understanding from the information is ‘yes’. If it’s still within warranty you will have that ability to add it…and I’m sure that goes for new ones as well but I’ll let support confirm.

Yes, I also saw that and I bought mine in May, and when I clicked on:
“Please note that terms and conditions apply, which can be found [here]” it shows that it would take effect as of today till next year… well then I would be paying for what should already be under the manufacturer’s warranty…
So same question, will this same offer be made to me in May or do I have to buy it now at this price?
And if I do buy it now, should it not take effect starting in May??