Extended warranty : the search for more peace of mind

Hey any word on being able to buy extended warranty? Just made my year of owning the wonderful machine but idk what else to do if it breaks? Will there be more items in the store that can be bought? (Belts, motors, pumps…) in the case we have to support our own machines.


Based on the warranty returns I’ve seen here and the lack of clarity on what’s causing the returns & the fixes/repairs needed I’d buy an extended warranty & I usually steer clear of those. I’m comfortable doing hardware troubleshooting on my other lasers and know the parts are pretty standard and I can get them. With the GF it’s a mystery & parts availability is GF only more or less. That means I’m more dependent on the mothership and no clue as to how much things will cost - definitely an argument for an extended warranty.


Thanks for checking in! We don’t have an extended warranty product yet, but I’ll pass along the request to the team.