External fan mounting

Hi. I have an external fan (ac infinity) and had it mounted to the wall under the window I was venting to. We have moved and cannot do that this time. I wanted to know if I mount the fan to the side of the cart I have my Glowforge on, will the vibration of the fan be an issue. The cart is a heavy wheeled kitchen cart. Thank you for any thoughts on this.

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Very unlikely. The forces inside the Glowforge of throwing the head back and forth are probably much greater than whatever lowlevel vibration your fan might make.

Unless your fan is damaged or junked up it shouldn’t vibrate much at all.

If you’re still worried you could always do a vibration dampening mount with some foam or something. Something like this:

M5 Rubber Studs Shock Absorber Anti-Vibration Isolator Mounts,Cylindrical Rubber Mounts with M5 x 10mm Studs for Air Compressors, Diesel Engines,Set of 8


Thank you. I didn’t think would be an issue. I just wanted to verify before I drilled holes in the cart. Thank you again

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I might turn the fan on and hold it just to feel what you’re getting for vibrations. I’m guessing it should feel pretty smooth. It might give you a better sense of how worried you should be about it.


my AC infinity 6" is just sitting on the table behind my GF. it’s not mounted to anything and i don’t notice any vibration issues.


Awesome thank you