Extra HUGE Thank You

to @PrintToLaser and @smcgathyfay for the head’s up on that Novus plastic polish.

(Should ve evah happen to meet in de real vurld, I vill kissa yo face!)

Solvent glue hates me. It’s out to get me. It tried to attack me but I was wearing safety glasses. Hah! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can’t believe I was actually able to save that mess with the polish.

You’re heroes! :+1:


It can take some elbow, but in the case where you need to - that doesn’t matter.
Glad you were able to salvage the work! Working with acrylic? When that solvent bleeds under the tape holding it together or runs down a side, yeah. #%*T!!.


Been there, more times that I will admit. “I just need to fix this one little spot…OH GOD, THE HUMANITY!” . Novus plastic polish has bailed me out of a lot of screw ups, and I’ve received a lot of props on the projects I take the extra time shine up.


Yea!! Good stuff. Glad it saved the day!! :smile::smile: