Extra Leather you would sell me?

I’m looking to purchase 8 sheets of proofgrade Medium Thick leather, 12x20 sheets. Unfortunately the glowforge store is out of stock. Thought I’d take my chance with the community. I’ll pay cost plus shipping if you have some you can part with.

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Medium and Thick are two different things. Thick sells for $30 a sheet which would be $240! I don’t know how much medium is, but my suggestion would be to go online to Tandy Leather and order some from them. You can get free shipping on an order over $100. One person having 8 sheets of PG leather and be willing to sell and ship them might be a bit unusual and difficult to find.


(and thick is in-stock…)

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Tandy is really probably your best bet. I have bought from them a couple times always good stuff.


Can’t wait until they open back up their shop here in Vegas.

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