Extra Shape Showing Up on My Cuts

Issue: There is a circular shape being cut on the head of the yoga woman.

Where is this circle coming from? It is NOT in my vector file. It is NOT on screen in the GF app. I need to cut these ASAP for a project.

What on Earth is going on here? Any advice would be appreciated.

It’s likely you have some open/overlapping points in your file or that a couple of them have their bezier handles extended. What design program are you using?


Thanks, @ekla! I will have to check the Illustrator file. I’m using v


Great - select the individual anchor points one at a time with the white direct selection arrow and see if any of them have bezier handles that look like they’re silly long. You might have to toggle visibility with ctrl/cmd+h.
Sometimes it can help to bump up the stroke size to something ridiculous to spot the offending point or the opposite -viewing in outline mode ctrl/cmd+y.
If all else fails, I have a live paint trick that always gets a functioning file. Lmk if you need it.


OMG! Thank you! I have been using Adobe since 1994 and know so much about using bezier, but I wasn’t aware of this potential issue with regards to svg files. You rock! I will let you know it works out.


You’re quite welcome.
Ps - you can copy/paste vector art directly from AI to GF and skip the whole SVG part :slight_smile:


:astonished: I had NO idea!!! Thank you.

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Nice job! I love seeing clean vector work.

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Thank you!!!

Thanks @ekla ! I meant to respond last week.

I ended up re-drawing the design and was able to eliminate any pesky & unyielding bezier points. LOL! Here are the final results.


Love everything about it!

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Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @ekla

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