Extra wiggles in smooth arcs

Does anyone have suggestions for troubleshooting extra wiggles in what should be smooth arcs? I have: a. Checked my file - no extra nodes in the problem areas, these should be nice smooth arcs in letters. b. Adjusted the tension on all belts. c. Redesigned the design so that it is more stable - this isn’t the air assists fault. It happens regardless of where on the tray I put the image to be cut and does not flutter.

It happens in the same areas each time and on other designs as well, although the wiggles can vary a bit from cut to cut.


Oh and I have also d. Tried exporting/cutting the file as a pdf and svg - no difference there.


Hmmm, you’re now the second person to be having what looks like a similar issue.

I’m thinking both you and @sparklink02 should be talking to support, and referencing each other’s tickets!


Let me rotate 90 degrees (should have thought of that) and see what happens. Thanks for that idea. And I’ll move on to tech support on Monday if needed. I was afraid that might be what I’d have to do. Was so hoping the community might have a suggestion. Thanks for noticing the parallels!


How sturdy is your table?

When I first got my Glowforge, I had it on a low table on casters. Fast cuts on curves would cause enough vibration to do something like that. Slowing down the cuts and (later) moving the machine to a heavier, more sturdy table eliminated the wobbly cuts.

Might be something else going on but, worth checking.

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