Extreme skipping and offset engraving issues

Hey y’all, I’ve had to replace my pulley wheel after it broke. I have attempted to replace it and it seemed correct. The tension seems fine when I do a finger test on the pulley band. My prints however are skipping something horrible, i had recalibrated and that had helped but I’m still seeing skipping and even this weird offset engraving. Any advice?

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That first picture has the hallmark of the head hitting something and displacing the calibration. It looks like 6 separate instances of contact. That can happen by the air assist fan shroud hitting the material, hold-down pins or the head hitting the limit of travel.

With the machine off, you can check by opening the front door to look under the gantry so you can see the fan shroud and move the head side to side to check for interference. In the case where the head hits the travel limit, position the material further inboard from the edge of the work area. My machine will head bump at the far forward lower right corner of the work area.

The other pictures suggest to me there may still be an issue with the wheel, but that’s just my speculation, good luck!


Double check the placement of the belt you reattached. If it’s been flipped around or looped somehow, that will limit the travel of the print head and cause slips. It should be located between the two sets of wheels on the carriage plate, with all teeth facing inward.


I think it was from the tension after replacing the pulley wheel. It must’ve been too loose. Which is what the acrylic image was doing. However, I’m still getting this weird engrave-offset-engrave issue. I’m assuming this is also from the tension but I’ve been toying with this machine all day and still getting same result.

Double-checked and looks good. Still having some issues.

Make sure there is no debris on the pulleys or belt too.


I fixed it! It was the pulley wheel tension. It was a hassle finding the correct tension, every fraction of a millimeter counts.


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