Extremely Bright Flash when powering down from Standby

Just an FYI… The Lid LEDs flash very brightly when powering off while in Standby mode. This has happened since the first day of enabling Standby. To my eyes it is an extremely bright flash bulb like intensity. Doesn’t happen if powering down outside of Standby. Acts as if there is a power spike in the LED circuitry. The Electrical Engineer in me is uncomfortable with the surge. So I always lift the lid to wake the unit before powering down.


I wondered about this myself. Is it not just the switch from Standby (dim) to regular and then off that makes it seem especially bright?

I don’t think so. To my eyes it flashes far, far brighter. But visual like audio is a very subjective thing.


Same here. The flash is pretty startling.


Same here. It’s just like a camera flash going off.


What you’re seeing is expected and normal – I’ll let the team know your feedback about it. Thanks for letting me know!

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