👓 Eye-savers! (eye shield adapter for your spectacles)

During the making of the face-sheilds for COVID era I picked up some face shield material recommended somewhere in the glowforge threads, but then never used it as I had a stormtrooper helmet for work, (which now looks like the melted darth vader mask)

For meetings wearing double glasses is a drag / and foggy, so I designed / made these. I can’t tell you if they work to keep the COVID away, so use it at your own risk, or make better ones!!!

eyeglass sheild_v2.svg.zip (1.7 KB)


Well now, that is one of the most useful designs I’ve seen shared in a long time. Thank you very much! I think I will be making some today.

I doubt if they keep virii away but they could certainly shield your eyes from debris and are useful for that alone.


Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

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I also refer to eyeglasses as spectacles.

These would be great to put on your glasses if you are crafting, machine sanding, cutting wood with a saw, spraying chemicals. Etc.


That is a cool design! I have yet to work with that material. I may need to get some.


Exactly what I originally thought they were for.


Oh my gosh! I think you solved one of my long term problems. I drive a convertible and if the sun is not conveniently located just in front of me it is kinda blinding. I have been puzzling how to make glasses with side pieces for years. This will be so much easier than an elaborate hinge system!
Thank you!


Thanks for the file.


Mahalo @JimmyWayneWestie @designvh619 @beerfaced @Helene and @pauline.lally

I didn’t think of using it beyond work :slight_smile:

Though I do have a scratch on my glasses from removing tile from the floor that would have been avoided by actual safety glasses.

Those foldable side glasses look awesome. :slight_smile:

Once upon a time I had eye surgery and they gave me these to wear after

Not terribly comfortable or stylish but, man, were they awesome for driving!


Do you know about Glacier sunglasses? I just search Google and there are lots of choices. Glacier sunglasses were popular in the mid-1980s.

My husband brought a convertible into our marriage and Glacier sunglasses are perfect for driving when the sun is out.


I disagree about the “perfect for driving” claim. These don’t allow you any peripheral vision which is extremely dangerous for a driver.


You are absolutely correct!!

When I wore my Glacier sunglasses I always used the side mirrors. They do keep out the sun.

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Great idea! Thank you for sharing!