F360 to Glowforge Workflow


F360 to Glowforge workflow 2.pdf (932.1 KB)

Tutorial created by @markevans36301


Good tutorial, but it’s missing a couple of steps to maintain the proper dimensions of the sketch when importing in Inkscape. We’ve discussed how to do this in the past in other threads. I can add it if I can get the original doc to edit.


Check with @markevans36301 for the original on this one. Once you have created the new pdf, you can edit the first post yourself, everything in this category is a Wiki.

(And we need to keep the corrected tutorial in that top spot, since that is the one linked in the Matrix.)


We’ve tried to capture these but I knew something would slip through. Message me what is wrong and I’ll fix it.


Wouldn’t the new F360 Slicer add-on do this better?


We’ve talked about Slicer elsewhere and it is great for certain tasks but no, not for taking a finished design to be cut.
That said, there is always more than one way to do something. You could use, and I have, the drawing module to get a PDF.