Face on everything?

Glowforge posted a video on Instagram on how to put your face on everything. How can this be done? What program is used?

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He used a cell phone to take a photo of himself, and then it looks like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop on a PC to manually edit it down to a black and white line-art graphic that looks like his selfie.


I thought so. Guessing Inkscape can’t do that? I’m still learning the basics…

This is a free program for editing photos. I use it a lot:



I’ve got a Mac and iPad. Neat website.

For editing bitmaps (photographic images, as opposed to vector graphics), there is also the open source GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), which is free and available for Mac.

The path from a photograph of your face to putting it on things depends in part on exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Bitmaps are good for some things and vectors are good for others. If you want to go from a bitmap to a vector, “trace” is probably the keyword you are looking for to search for details. There is a lot of discussion on both bitmap image preparation for engraving and, tracing bitmaps to create vector graphics here in the forum.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone! I’m going to move this topic to Everything Else to keep the discussion going.