Facebook ad w/ the flasks

Have any of you seen the FB ad of the GF engraving the flask? Any idea of the type the flask and the settings they used?

Haven’t seen the video but there are a few discussions of engraving on flasks with settings in the Beyond the Manual section. (Anytime you need settings you can use the Search button at the top of the screen in that section.)

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I have purchased from https://www.ckbproducts.com/hip-flasks as they have pretty good prices and color choices. For settings, you have to tweak anodized aluminum settings.

Is it an official Glowforge ad? Because the irony of the company using non-Proofgrade in an ad would be intense.

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Why? The original video had cardboard in it, and chocolate.

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they often feature user-projects in their ads, and as users we are free to choose whatever materials we want. Not sure that I see any irony.

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Good point, I forgot that.

You guys don’t see the irony in promoting user projects that they wouldn’t even let you discuss settings for at the time that first video ad was released? :smiley:

I’m not complaining, I just think it is funny that they promote projects in ads that they wouldn’t let us discuss for a while, and even today won’t offer technical assistance for.

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well… they never stopped anyone from discussing non-proofgrade products/materials, just the settings that were used. They have even suggested other sources for laser-safe materials.

I mean, it would be sweet if they were doing in-house testing of a variety of laserable products from well-stocked vendors, giving us suggested initial settings, partnering with said vendors to give us those products at a discount, etc. But I understand why they don’t offer tech assistance for products that they don’t sell.
From a vertical-integration standpoint, I would have thought to see more ads with Catalog Designs made on Proofgrade, but the Design Catalog has not exactly kept up with the range and breadth of the designs/uses that the community has come up with.

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