Facebook Group for Glowforge Owners in the Triangle Area of NC

Following up on generous North Carolinians’ offers to let me use their Glowforge production units for VBS projects if mine doesn’t arrive in time, I created a Facebook group for those of us with Glowforges in the Triangle area of North Carolina. If that sounds like you and you want to connect (and you’re generally kind even on the Internets), you can find the group here.

If that link is uncooperative, feel free to search Glowforge - Triangle, NC.

If any of this violates Glowforge’s preferences for this forum, I don’t mind being told so. As the real, live production units find their homes, it seemed like geographically based GF communities were a logical step.


fwiw we have a friendly group set up at:


there aren’t enough gfs around me by a long shot to have a local group, so this one is for anyone.


Hey! I’ve requested membership to the Triangle group - could someone approve me so I can start seeing posts? Thanks!!

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