Facebook Mentoring?

I keep getting notifications about people waiting for Glowforge mentors. Has anyone done this? It seems weird that this is coming from the FB direction as opposed to the GF direction.


That’s a FB group you’ve joined. There’s no affiliation to GF at all. You should be able to turn off the notifications if they bug you, though.

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I was more wondering if anyone has tried to mentor. The concept is sort of cool, but it does seem to coopt some of the good work the GF are doing.

I did extracate myself from one GG FB group. I was being criticized for the “this has been answered in the GF forums” response. This is a great community and Folks With Forges™ should be here, not FB.


Ah. I see what you’re saying. I don’t know if GF has the bandwidth for that sort of thing right now, but it’s a cool idea. I guess we sort of do that informally already if people ask.

I keep trying to like the FB groups, but then I keep getting frustrated and drifting away.


We kind of do it in a macro sort of way, with the tutorials and the users who jump in to help when someone posts a question or problem.


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