Fact and opinion

Fact first……I am incredibly impressed by the fine details in a couple engravings I just did a while ago! PG draft board, size about 3’ - 4”……set to regular graphic only, not dark nor 3D engrave. These were screen shots (png) of images in a PDF. This reinforces the concept that having a good image to begin with will make or break the quality of an engraving. Believe it or not, these look even better in person. I was doing test engraves so that I didn’t wait until using the good stuff to find out that the image was not going to look good.

One thing I love about taking photos of stuff I’ve done is what I can see on these two engravings……only in a photo can I see the weeding that got missed! I know many of you have discovered the same helpful thing.

Before weeding…image #1

After weeding…(see the bits I missed?)

Now…I would like the opinions of my esteemed forum friends, please. I am working on a project that will be made in PG cherry. I was going to engrave one of these types of images directly on the lid, but now am thinking that perhaps I should engrave on maple, so there’s more contrast, then cut the ‘medallion’ out and glue it on the lid? I don’t have any samples to show you, but you’ve all used both kinds of ply, so you will probably have some idea. Just seems like some of the intricate detail might get lost on a darker wood.

Image #2

My finished project will be posted later……still working on the proto-type and making sure everything fits properly.


Those are beautiful 3D engraves! Nice job :+1:


Love the detail, great job.


Wow, the detail on that is just gorgeous! :grinning:


My opinion is that I really don’t have one.

Like you, I love the detail that pops from the lighter colored wood, but I’ve really been impressed with how good some of the dark woods look too. I haven’t played with the cherry yet (I know - I just can’t think of anything for that color red) so in the end… I’m no help.

I wouldn’t take aesthetic advice from an engineer anyway :slight_smile:


Wow, such lush, gorgeous images, and they engraved so beautifully!

I have to think that some of that detail might get lost if you don’t use maple, for the contrast. But then I’m biased toward the maple for that reason. I haven’t really done that much engraving on any of the woods but I still like maple the best.


Haha! My son-in-law is an engineer, too. However different it may be, your opinions are just as valid as the next guys. Like I do to my husband…I ask him for his opinion but then go ahead and do what I want, anyway. :grinning: Thank you for your non-opinionated opinion! (pssst…I’ll probably go with the maple)


That’s where I’ve been leaning, too. Thanks.

I love the richness of embracing dark woods, but every time I show folks a side by side comparison, the pick the maple for the contrast.

Have you thought of engraving maple veneer and inlaying into the top?


Sounds lovely. Maybe someday, down the line. I’m not that advanced, yet. :roll_eyes: And for sure, I don’t want to use this particular project as a testing ground. I am intrigued by inlay, though. Thanks for your input.

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