Fail To Print

GF Proofgrade MD Draftboard in Glowforge and power ON. An SVG file generated in Inkscape 0.92 by bit-mapping was uploaded and appeared on the GFUI. In the left column, appropriate pieces of the design are seen and Manual Engrave power is set for two pieces. Remaining three pieces are left to the Proofgrade settings.
Click on Ready Print to get “Scanning Your Material” and then “Preparing Your Design”.
Never got the “To Start …” and never got the runtime displayed. The Glowforge white light button stays dark.
There are no “clipPath” invocations in the SVG file as seen with WordPad.
Any thoughts?

The first step would be to determine if the problem was with the file or the machine. If you could zip the file and post it here, that determination could be made pretty quick by the software wizards who wander around here. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for letting us know @brok09. Are you able to print any other designs?

If not, can you try printing the Gift of Good Measure and let us know here the time you ran your print?

I successfully completed a print with a different file. Sounds like something’s wrong with the not-printing file.

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If you want to start a thread somewhere else, like maybe #beyond-the-manual , someone can check the file out for you perhaps.

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Today I used Break apart in Inkscape to split the artwork into three pieces. Each one was Uploaded but only one made it through to the blinking white light button on the Glowforge.
Here is a zip of one of the failures. No errors are flagged. It makes it through “Scanning …”, “Preparing …”, but never get the runtime screen nor the blinking white light.
Coaster art 2 (3.8 KB)

You’ve got a big bunch of weird little artifacts in there…so tiny they couldn’t be seen without zooming way in. This might be at least part of the problem. Here are three of them, but I’m betting there are lots more.




Used Objects and went down the list deleting unwanted nodes. Most of these came from bitmap noise and I had weeded a lot earlier.
But now that fixed it!

Thank you for finding my problem.


Thanks for the answer @Xabbess, that’s right.

I’m going to close this thread - @brok09 we are glad to see you up and printing again. Thanks for letting us know about this!