Failed job - need advice


I tried to make this yesterday to test the photo transfer option.
The words and etching around the outside of the pendant worked just fine.
The photo was the problem. The laser barely coloured the paper coating on the acrylic, and there was not so much as a scratch where the photo was.

What did I do wrong?

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Problems and Support is a category for problems with the Glowforge performance. Since I believe your problem is with the use of the machine, I am going to move your post if you don’t mind.

Your picture did not show in your post. Perhaps just drag the photo into your reply box so we can see the problem.

Photo engraving is a challenge because it often requires adjustments to the photo to make it something that will engrave effectively. Once we can see your photo, somebody can probably help you.


When engraving it is often useful to remove the masking in the area to be engraved, There is also a minimum engrave level to get through the engraving that I use at around 10.

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Adorable photo: Engraving photos on acrylic is, I am told, quite challenging. I haven’t tried it, so the best I can do is point you to a discussion of the process. Other forum folks with experience in this will weigh in. What settings did you use that barely marked the masking?


Great Photo! but acrylic does not do that well. One possibility is to reverse the image and engrave the back side of a sheet of clear and then spray that back with something like gold paint. I have done it with 3D but not tried the dithered dot that you should use with images.

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