Failed to start a new job after canceling one

So had a strange error I have not encountered before which was I stopped a job via the GFUI as I wanted to change the engrave power on some non-proofgrade acrylic (Inventibles 1/16" clear) and after editing the parameter, pressed print and got this (at 11:10est if you want to look in a log) twice. (BTW: praise on an actual error message rather than just “something failed”. Anyway despite the usual “repeating the same thing, and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity” thing, I waited another minute, pressed print and it worked.


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That’s what I’ve noticed too. The GF insists on doing the full recal, reset, etc. before you press the button again.

It’s punishing you for changing your mind!

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It shouldn’t be a full recal. But, it’s going to recalibrate the lens and take a new picture of the bed.

I’ve noticed this same thing a number of times.

That has to be a mistake. I’m sure the responsible developer will be flogged.


And then sacked.

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Heh, this immediately jumped out at me and I was going to say the same thing. It’s a start, anyway. We know something was bad, and that’s apparently not good.

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Yah. I see this a lot. Why they have not implemented a wait period for uploads is beyond me. The upload should just stay up in the cloud until the Glowforge is ready to accept the job.
Time to start taking bugs out of the hopper, and put them on the table to be fixed!

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So it’s kind of funny, but nearly every time I’ve canceled a job (which, admittedly, is rare) I’ve had this happen. Sometimes just waiting a minute works for me. But, as I recall, most times I have to go back Home, then re-open the job and then it works.

I hit this bug all the time when I too-quickly try to fire off another job.

Last time I saw it, I thought I might be having a stroke because of the detailed error message.

This bug is approaching its first :birthday: but kudos for the detailed error message, guys. More of that please.

Detailed perhaps. A well written error message would read something like,”Server busy, please wait until the cooldown process is complete before submitting new jobs.”

A well written App would buffer the submitted job until it could be processed, and skip the error message altogether.


Thank you so much for letting us know and I’m glad you were able to print. I’ve passed this on to the team to investigate. I’m going to close this thread but if you see this again please go ahead and open a new thread.