"Faith" Kanji



Thank you for sharing all your work .

I made this “Peace, Love and Happiness” edge light a while ago and hoped that I got the right words. Knowing the quality of the info on the internet sometimes, it could say something completely different and I would never know. :slight_smile:


Looks like you nailed it! I try to check and make sure I’m using them correctly, since when I lived in Japan I spent so much time snickering quietly to myself over the random English words and phrases they’d put on their signs and clothing. I don’t want to have anybody snickering at me! :wink:


this is lovely… tnx

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Does it fit tight into the LED bases?, seems like every light base i buy they are loose with the 1/8" acyrlic

Every one I’ve ever encountered has been designed for 4mm acrylic.

Nobody uses imperial measurements outside the US (yes, technically Liberia and Myanmar do…) and these bases aren’t being made in the US.

Some folks have had luck engraving thicker acrylic down to get it to fit - or find a piece of scrap and tuck it in there (depending on how fancy you’re trying to be)

I do that. I’ve got a little base piece I add to my design and a stock setting to engrave it to the right depth. A light wash of acetone afterwards is good to smooth it so it doesn’t reflect light in the base. Could probably flame polish it as well.

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